This is a personalized practice. We try to give attention to non-conforming needs and remain as transparent as possible (regarding both medical decision-making and general operations). So if you have any questions, please ask. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Our workflow for handling requests, questions, or general issues is meant to minimize missed messages, mistakes, miscommunications, etc.

One key concept we prioritize is sustainability, be it administratively or clinically. For this reason, we prioritize staff input and give our non-clinical staff the decision-making power to retain patients or not based on interactions outside of the doctor-patient relationship. Although this goes against the ‘customer is always right' mentality, it allows staff to operate efficiently and healthily, which absolutely benefits all patients retained in the practice.


There is street parking available for $2/hr - typically this is not an issue during business hours - people can usually find a spot within a couple of blocks. Sometimes there will be heavy parking; please give yourself ample time to find a spot especially if this is your first visit.

If it is a particularly difficult parking day, there is paid parking (about $5/hr behind the AT&T store at 554 W Diversey Pkwy 60657 - turn into the alley between the AT&T store and Everbrook Academy and it'll be to the left).

In The Office

When you enter the office (suite 217) for your appointment you'll see a waiting area with blue chairs, feel free to sit. Coldwater/drinks and hot drinks are available. We try to make small (hopefully healthy) snacks available (especially if you're hungry after a long day). You'll have the opportunity to answer and ask questions. You may be asked to fill out a short questionnaire prior to the appointment.

The Women's bathroom code is 5-3-1, the Men's bathroom code is 1-3-5.

During your appointment there may be a scribe sitting quietly and out of the way while taking notes. If you prefer, the scribe can leave. The scribe is ultimately for your benefit as it allows for a greater ability to focus on detail, planning, and interaction.

Since we have to chart our encounters, you may notice that we have to type notes on a computer. If you prefer that we don't type, and use handwritten notes instead, please let us know. We prefer to type rather than handwrite notes since we can maintain eye contact, can type faster, and generally maintain a good focus on what you're saying.

If you need an urgent prescription refill or have an issue with a medication side effect, please use all means to contact us: e-mail, text, phone. There may be rare instances of missed communication. If so, please re-send communications if not responded to within 12 hours for medication side effect issues or 36 hours for refill requests (hopefully this will not happen in the first place).

In An Appointment

In order to provide proper care, it is important for patients to understand that psychotherapy is an inextricable component of each medication management visit at our office. While it may be imperceptible, each appointment combines some mixture of medication management and therapy to address each patient's holistic needs. This approach ensures a more effective and comprehensive approach to mental health care which leads to more sustainable outcomes.