We are now offering IV Hydration. This energy boosting service helps to support complete wellness. It is estimated that approximately 75% of Americans don't drink enough water. Dehydration can have negative impacts on not only physical health, but mental health as well. Read below to learn more about IV Hydration and if it would be beneficial for you.

Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about IV Hydration

What is IV Hydration?

IV hydration involves administering fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into the bloodstream via a vein. This allows for faster absorption and relief compared to oral administration, as it bypasses the digestive system. IV hydration can provide rapid hydration and treatment for many conditions.

What does IV Hydration help with?

IV Hydration does the obvious - it combats dehydration.

Approximately 75% of Americans don't drink enough water. This can have implications not only on one's physical health, but mental health as well. IV hydration can help with:

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Mood
  • Medication effectiveness
  • Alternative therapeutic treatments like TMS or Ketamine therapy
  • Cold and flu
  • Jet lag
  • Post-workout fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Shock and trauma
  • Vitamins and minerals deficiency

How should I prepare for an IV Hydration session?

Hydrate Be sure to drink plenty of water the 24 leading up to your session (and 4-6 cups the day of your appointment). This will help to ensure a smooth IV insertion as water intake will help your veins become more dilated.

Eat a good meal Eating a warm meal 1-2 hrs before your appointment supports your parasympathetic nervous system, which opens your blood vessels and allows nutrients to reach deeper into tissues.

Avoid Vasoconstriction Drugs If possible, avoid taking any over-the-counter antihistamines or decongestants the morning of your appointment. Many of these over-the-counter drugs (ex: Sudafed PE) contain vasoconstriction medications that cause your blood vessels to contract, making it difficult for IV insertion. If you are on blood pressure medication or other prescriptions containing vasoconstriction medications continue to take them, but be sure to stay extra hydrated prior to your treatment.

Dress accordingly Make sure to wear something that leaves the veins in your inner elbow exposed. We recommend layering for temperature control.

Relax Take slow and deep breaths or try a body scan. These techniques will help relax your mind and body.

Is IV Hydration covered by Insurance?

No, IV Hydration is not covered by insurance at this time. However, it may be an approved purchase for HSA/FSA plans. Please check with your insurance plan to confirm.

What are the side effects of IV Hydration?
IV hydration is generally safe with no side effects. It is well tolerated and delivered by a highly trained registered nurse. Side effects, if any, may include:
  • Pain
  • Bruising at the injection site
  • Bleeding from the insertion
  • Swelling in the area of insertion
  • Inflammation of the veins
How long is an IV hydration treatment?

The typical time needed for an IV hydration treatment is approximately 30 min. However, the time duration depends on the individual and can last up to 45 minutes.