This isn't a normal practice in that appointments are made solely online (below) or in office (we don't schedule appointments over the phone) - this is for your benefit. Online appointments eliminate confusion and miscommunication. It gives you power to schedule or cancel appointments on your own terms. It also allows for exchange of information prior to the appointment for better efficiency. This is secure and HIPAA compliant. More detailed appointment information available below.

Be sure to save the appointment receipt email so you can cancel or reschedule, there is a button in the email that will take you to your particular appointment page.

We don't offer pre-appointment phone conversations for new patients or non-established patients. This is to prioritize our time and energy for established patients as well as for legal reasons.

Because of the way we reserve your time slot and because we disallow other patients to access that reserved slot, we have a policy of charging for late cancellations or no show appointments (this includes all reasons except for provable emergency room visits). We really (really) dislike charging for unused services, so please cancel ahead of time by either rescheduling via your e-mailed receipt of the appointment, by texting, emailing, or calling ahead of time.

We only accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO [traditional] and Blue Choice PPO, or out of pocket payment (prices listed below). We do not accept HMO plans (due to high complexity), Medicaid or Medicare. Please note: Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO MUST be your primary insurance.

Please read through the below list to ensure your plan is one we are in-network with:

PPO [Traditional] BlueEdge Select HCAXOF
BlueEdge HCA BlueEdge Select HSAXOU
BlueEdge HSA Blue Choice Preferred PPO QMG
BluePrintBlue Options QMF
PPO Value Choice Blue Choice Options QME
Blue Security PPO Blue Choice Select PPO XOX

If you cannot find your Member ID prefix in the search above, you will need to pay out of pocket. We will provide you with a Superbill to submit on your own to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

Keep in mind that some Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans may use a ‘contractor’ company to manage mental health. This is typically done to reduce payment/access to mental health providers. For example, a company named Optum can manage mental health for Blue Cross Members, however, we do not contract with Optum. You can call your insurance company to make sure we are covered.

If you would like to make sure we are covered by your insurance plan, and to see if the appointment would be reimbursed by your insurance company or applied to a deductible (meaning you'd have to pay out of pocket until you hit your insurance deductible), you can call your insurance company (number on your insurance card).

Once established as a patient, if any changes are made to your insurance coverage (get new insurance plan or provider, lose insurance coverage) or personal legal information (name, address) you must notify us in advance. Failure to alert us of changes in insurance will result in out-of-pocket pricing for subsequent appointments.

Please note, insurance is not a guarantee of coverage. If at any time your insurance plan does not cover your visit, any outstanding balance will be your responsibility.

Please click HERE to learn about patient share financing options through CareCredit.

For patients not using Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO, self-pay rates vary and are based on complexity, stability, and length of time known to the practice. The default rates for all providers are listed below and may increase based on the aforementioned factors.

Self Pay Pricing
ProviderNew AppointmentsFollow Up Appointments
Dr. Sallaj $435$235
Dr. Lurie$450 $250
Dr. Deng$435$235
Valentina Djordjevic, PA-C $325$185
Jenna Spaeth, PA-C$325$185
Emilie Emberton, PA-C$325$185
Dani Nguyen, PA-C$270$160
Megan Lindley, PA-C$270$160
Dr. Ratajczak$325$210

Psychotherapy Only
Ashley Jacobson, LPC$155$155

It is your responsibility as a patient to review your insurance benefits and handle any expenses following the processing of a claim. Able Psychiatry is not responsible for informing you of your insurance benefits.

The default rate is due at the time of the appointment (sorry, no payment plans - it adds a large layer of complexity, tracking, and bookkeeping). These rates don't apply when using your Blue Cross PPO plan.

If you go the self pay route (without insurance), we can give you a special receipt, commonly known as a 'superbill'. This may be submitted by you, to your insurance for a potential reimbursement or applied to your deductible. You may call your insurance company for any related questions or confirmation of policy rules. We don't submit insurance claims for those using self pay/out of pocket payment.

Please click HERE to learn about self pay/out of pocket financing options through CareCredit.

When you’re ready, choose from the most appropriate appointment option below: