Kermit the Frog once sang, “it’s not easy being green”. If we replace “green” with anxious, angry, sad, depressed, lonely, or hurt, we feel the truth in that lyric. But for many of us that feel “green” over time, it can start to feel like it’s not easy being “me”.

To make it even more difficult, most of the things that make us, “us”, are physically unseen; our personalities, our traumas (known or unknown), our beliefs, our emotions and thoughts. Navigating the “unseen” aspects in all of us is what fuels my passion in psychiatry, and to be able to provide any aid in that journey, is an honor.

I am a certified physician assistant and received my education at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. I gained further psychiatric experience in the James A. Lovell VA psychiatric unit and also have provided psychiatric care to residents in various skilled nursing facilities in the Chicagoland area prior to joining Able Psychiatry.

I welcome the opportunity to build a therapeutic alliance with you regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion or any other construct that removes us from the fact that we are all humans first. Taking a step towards your mental health is an endeavor that I do not take lightly and I will respect your courage with mindful listening and compassionate, well-informed care. This is not only limited to medications, but also with lifestyle adjustments, collaboration with therapists, and other various modalities considered for your individual and unique needs.

Though the song starts with “it’s not easy being green”, it is my hope that we all strive towards the sentiment at the end of the song, that green “is beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be”.


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