Jeffrey Lurie M.D.

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When working with a patient, I implement a trauma-informed approach and consider the whole picture, appreciating the power of lifestyle changes and therapy (often encouraging techniques in mindfulness and CBT) and how it uniquely affects them. It is about finding the appropriate way to treat mental health issues and being able to understand each person's journey.

The determination to medicate is one I take seriously, so by listening thoughtfully and not being quick to reach for the prescription pad, a holistic plan can be developed. If a medication is thought to be beneficial, I will spend the necessary time to educate about what to expect.

In today's society, we are faced with a growing burden of stress from generational traumas coupled with the isolation of COVID, obsession with our digital devices, and polarization from one another. I recognize that the struggles are hard to overcome by oneself but thankfully, we don't have to "do it alone”.

I'm a University of Northwestern trained, board-certified physician adult psychiatrist. I completed my Child and Adolescent fellowship at the University of California-San Diego as the Chief Fellow. I received my Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin.


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